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    Updating your Mercedes-Benz Garmin Map Pilot satellite navigation unit

    Updating your Mercedes-Benz Garmin Map Pilot

    Map and software updates are available at your Mercedes-Benz dealer. In some countries, map and software updates are available as downloads or SD cards.

    How to purchase updates:

    You may also find updates from our Mercedes-Benz SD card updates section. To check compatibility, please read the descriptions of the listings and also see if the satellite navigation unit you see in the photo matches your own.

    Installing the Mercedes-Benz Map Pilot SD card:

    1. Verify the SD card is not locked.
    2. Insert the SD card into the SD card slot in your vehicle until it clicks into place.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    SD card copy protection

    Your SD card can only be installed on one navigation system. You cannot install the SD card on an additional navigation system.

    If you receive an error message stating that your maps are locked the first time you install the SD card on your navigation system, your card might be corrupted. Contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer. If you have purchased the card from us, please contact us and reference your order number to see if warranty is covered for your purchase.

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