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    Nissan Connect 2 SD card V6 Sat Nav Map Update 2021/2022 Europe

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    Nissan Connect 2 SD card V6 Sat Nav Map Update 2021/2022 Europe

    £39.99 £69.99
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    Is the navigation system in your car outdated, and updating the firmware from an authorized dealer is expensive?
    🌿Save £100+ on a satnav upgrade in your car with SatNavConnect.

    👉Get a sat nav update SD card and get the latest software update in just 45 minutes without having to go to an authorized dealer.

    Travel and drive in your car in comfort with the latest sat nav update!

    Ensure that your sat nav unit matches the one in the photo on the left to make sure you are making the correct purchase.

    Nissan Connect 2 Europe V6 Navigation Map SD Card 2020-2021
    The Latest sat nav map update for Nissan Connect 2 units
    The SD card inserting in the TOP right corner (without cover)
    Part Number: T1000-27890, KE288-LCN2EV5
    Enjoy the most accurate driving instructions while driving in Europe.
    Improve the performance of your Nissan CONNECT 2 navigation system with this Nissan Sat Nav map update, covering 10,347,479 kilometres of road in Europe.
    Benefit from updated road data including new motorway junctions, trunk roads and roundabouts as well as adjusted speed limits and turn restrictions. These features are considered by your Nissan navigation system to ensure accurate route planning according to your preferences.
    The latest POI database will enhance your navigation driving experience. In this Nissan map update, 2,530,954 Points Of Interest are covered. These include petrol stations, airports, restaurants and parking facilities.

    Previous versions:
    2012/2013 - 25920 1KA0A
    2013/2014 - 25920 1KA0B
    2014/2015 - 25920 1KA0C
    2015/2016 - 25920 1KA0D
    2016/2017 - KE288-LCN2E15
    2017-2018 - KE288-LCN2EV2


    Mercedes-Benz Navigation SD Card Garmin Map Pilot Europe 2021-2022
    Brand new. Genuine Mercedes SD card version 2021-2022 v17
    Latest sat nav map update SD card for Garmin NTG5 Star2 Audio 20 Touchpad units
    Version 17.0 Maps PN: A213 906 26 10.

    User-friendly navigation, accurate map data and excellent route guidance the Garmin® MAP PILOT system brings all the benefits of a Garmin® navigation system to the Audio 20 TOUCHPAD. All you need to do is insert an SD card featuring the navigation software and map data. The maps have a Garmin® look and feel and appear in high resolution and in colour on the multimedia system's large display, with additional navigation information in the instrument cluster. 3D views with precise depictions of streets and buildings help orientation and photo-realistic views of upcoming junctions guide you to the right lane at the right time. The user can operate the intuitive system via the Controller. The navigation system can also be operated via voice control.

    Our promise:
    ✅ 12 months warranty
    ✅ 30 days money back guarantee
    ✅ Fast & free shipping
    ✅ Orders placed before 11 am will be shipped the same day
    ✅ 1'000+ satisfied customers

    📍Update your car's sat-nav without worry, with SD cards from SatNavConnect. Click "add to cart" and checkout with free 2-3 day shipping across the UK.

    EAN: 3573054162972

    How to use?

    1. Make sure your car is turned off.
    2. Insert the SD card purchased from SatNavConnect into your car's SD media slot.
    3. Start the car and wait until the sat nav is completely updated (the update will start automatically).

    Note! Some multimedia systems take time to recognize the SD card, so in some cases, it is necessary to wait a couple of minutes for the system to start updating. Do not turn off your car if the update did not start right away.

    Why update maps?

    Reduction of fuel costs:

    Reduce your fuel costs with up-to-date maps. You can reduce your vehicle's average fuel consumption by up to 12 per cent. The range of savings is especially impressive on longer journeys. Compare the savings you can achieve on fuel throughout the year with the price of our maps and join a community of users who update their maps regularly.

    Higher road safety:

    If the maps are out of date, the navigation system can often give you incorrect instructions and information. It is possible that on some roads the speed limit has been changed, some sections are closed or the direction of travel has been changed to a one-way street. You should always follow the traffic signs, but the instructions provided by the navigation system can be very helpful and easy to drive.

    Quieter travel without stress:

    Anyone may encounter errors when planning a route, which is often considered to be a fault in the navigation system. The most common reason for errors in route calculation is that the software and maps are outdated, so these errors can be prevented simply by updating them.

    Current points of interest (POIs):

    Not only the road network is changing, but also the database of available points of interest. The list includes gas stations, ATMs, pharmacies, restaurants, accommodations, parking spaces, monuments, lookout towers, tourist attractions and many other places you may need on the road. With the current POI database, you can find places that are important and interesting to you.

     ✅Update your car's sat-nav without worry, with SD cards from SatNavConnect. Click "add to cart" and checkout with free 2-3 day shipping across the UK.

    Supported models

    Note (2013 > 2014)
    Micra (from 2013)
    Leaf (from 2013)
    Juke (2013 > 2014)
    E NV200 (from 2014)

    Countries covered

    Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Turkey.
    Supported languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 364 reviews
    James (Bridlington, GB)
    Sat Nav

    Happy with the sat nav, quick delivery.. thanks

    Gordon Whieldon (Stoke-on-Trent, GB)
    Very pleased.

    SD card arrived when they said it would. Put into my car within 3 minutes it had loaded ok. Where I live we have got some new roads my sat nav guided me thought them no problem very happy with it

    Ian Rodgers (Chatham, GB)

    Great improvement on the previous version

    Bob Lee (Saint Ives, GB)

    Previously, I would have had to pay hundreds of £s for a Nissan major service in order to get my satnav updated. For a fraction of that price an updated SD card was sent to me that all I had to do was to swap it in for the existing one. Worked a treat! When driving on new roads the satnav no longer thinks I'm driving across fields, and for route planning it now uses those new roads.

    MICHAEL O' (Prestatyn, GB)
    Works a treat

    Took the old card out, fitted the new one and works a treat straightaway 👍

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