Update your Ford SYNC 2 with the latest 2019/2020 update

The Ford F8 update is now available

Looking to update your Ford Sync 2 unit with the latest maps?

Look no further, as the latest Ford F8 SD card is available now on Sat Nav Connect for a reduced price.

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Ford F8 Sync2

Ford SYNC 2 with Touchscreen and Voice Control

An upgraded version of Ford SYNC 1.0, SYNC 2 comes with extra features designed to enhance your in-car connected experience. With a colour touch screen and voice commands, you can also do things more easily.

SYNC 2 comes with loads of excellent features designed to make your in car connected experience even more useful and easy to use. Seamlessly transition between the colour touch screen or voice commands to search and call Michelin rated places of interest en route, change your music or climate settings, make and take phone calls and more.